* Evening hour are possible Monday through Thursday

NOTE: I may not be home during business hours 

Due to health issues in the family,  I will NOT be accepting bridal work unless previously agreed upon. All work (zippers, mending etc.) will require prior approval before dropping off..   Thank you for your understanding.  My business hours will be more irregular as we have many doctor appointments.

​​DO NOT use my drop off and pick up box located next to my front door for contact free service. without prior contact and approval.  Please include your name and contact information with your sewing project.  Please call/text 715-848-4606 to schedule services and check availability.

NOW you can pay cash, check VENMO, PAY PAL or credit cards (surcharge).  I can also accept online bank payments.​
 When I am sewing, I often cannot get to the phone immediately. Please leave voicemail 715-848-4606 or email and text messages checked once daily


​You can also pay with online banking.

Making YOU look good !
FEb. 1-28by Appointment onlyAlterations, zippers, mending

DO NOT use drop off/pick up box without prior approval

My days will be filled with care giving, doctor appointments

and chemo for my husband. I will only be sewing for 

limited periods. Thank you for your understanding.

Please call 715-848-4606 and let's work something out