​Jan. 5-6By appointment only: CALL
Fittings, mending, alterations
Jan. 7-11Call for times 9AM-5PM ish ​​**
​Lessons, alterations, custom sew, mending
Jan. 12-13By appointment only: Call
Lessons, alterations, custom sew, mending
Jan. 14-18Call for times 9AM-5PM ish ​​**
ALL services available
Jan. 19-20By appointment only : CALL
ALL services available
Jan. 21-25Call for times 9AM-5PM ish ​​*
​Lessons, alterations, custom sew, mending
Jan. 26-27By appointment only : CALL
Lessons, alterations, custom sew, mending
Jan. 28-30​Call for times 9AM-5PM ish ​​*
​fittings, alterations, mending
Feb. 4-8Call for times 9AM-5PM ish ​​*
lessons, fittings ,alterations
Feb. 9-10By appointment only: CALL
​Lessons, alterations, custom sew, mending
Feb. 11-15Call for times 9AM-5PM ish ​​*
fittings, alterations, mending, lessons

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** Weekends and ​evenings by appointment only to fit your busy life.

Please call/text 715-848-4606 to schedule a fitting or pickup items not in pickup box.

​NOW you can pay by debit or credit card via PAY PAL  I can also accept online bank payments.

Use DROP OFF/PICK UP box located near my front door. Please include your name, phone number and needed service when you drop off.
 When I am sewing, I often cannot get to the phone immediately. Please leave voicemail 715-848-4606 or email messages: sewyou@sewyoullc.com
Please schedule  time for your wedding and formal fittings early.  I do visit my  mother at assisted living every day and take her to appointments. If you cannot leave items in the drop off box be sure to call to make sure I am available.


​You can also pay with online banking.